Sweat: The Good The Bad & The Ugly

Sweat: The Good The Bad & The Ugly Sweat: The Good The Bad & The Ugly
Engaging in physical fitness can bring about both positive and negative effects on your skin.

On the positive side (“The Good”), it has the potential to enhance your skin’s condition. By elevating your heart rate and bolstering blood circulation, exercise aids in supplying oxygen and nutrients to the skin, possibly achieving that ‘Gym Glow’.

So what does circulation have to do with your skin? …with improved circulation, the skin is getting the nutrients it needs to look and feel more hydrated and healthy. When circulation is impaired, the skin can be impacted and appear dry and dull. There is a temporary hydration benefit from sweat also, however, this is definitely only temporary and should not be solely relied upon. Unfortunately, this is all we have for ‘The Good’ it is very limited, however, with the right pre workout and post workout skincare regime, you can really enhance the positive sides to sweating.

Then comes “The Bad”, sweat can cause some unfavourable consequences if not properly managed. Excessive perspiration can result in skin irritation, rashes and obstructed pores, leading to acne formation. Additionally, it can promote bacterial and fungal growth, causing infections or skin conditions.

To mitigate risks of skin irritation from healthy amounts of sweat, it is crucial to maintain adequate hygiene. Cleanse the skin regularly, use non clogging products, stay away from heavy moisturisers and harsh chemicals. And don’t go too hard with oil-stripping cleansers ― you want to keep your skin barrier intact. It’s important to strike the balance of cleansing the skin to eliminate buildup and sweat, but not stripping the skin of its natural oils. Keep your skin barrier healthy!

Now for ‘The Ugly’, if you are not providing your skin with the right skin care products with the correct ingredient to nourish and hydrate your skin, then problems will occur. Fine lines and wrinkles from lack of hydration, hyperpigmentation, breakouts, loss of elasticity and collagen break down from allergens. Reduced hydration and increased allergies stress the skin’s ability to regenerate and recover, these two factors directly affect the rate of cellular differentiation and revitalisation. The more you sweat and the less you take care of your skin, over time you will see these ugly side effects come into play. The answer is having a fully comprehensive skincare routine before and after your workouts. Having beautiful skin as you get older means making smart choices throughout your life. Just as doing the right things now can help you down the road, bad skin care choices can have lifelong impacts.

Overall, sweat has some positive benefits for your complexion, but don’t neglect skin care and just bathe in your sweat all day. The act of sweating can boost skin radiance and provide temporary hydration, but it is not the sole agent responsible for a glowing complexion.