Why Skin Wrkout?

Engaging in physical fitness, whether at the gym or through other activities, can bring about both positive and negative effects on your skin. On the positive side, it has the potential to enhance your skin’s condition. By elevating your heart rate and bolstering blood circulation, exercise aids in supplying oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

On the negative side, although sweating helps to clear out pores, if your skin is not properly prepped before your workout or correctly cleaned after, these negative side effects will take action, for example dirty clogged pores, redness and irritation, acne and blemishes, dullness, premature ageing and sagging skin.

It is crucial to have a well constructed Pre and Post workout skincare routine, to prevent all the nasty side effects exercise can have on your skin.

Why Pre-wrkout?

Just like we warm up our muscles before being active, to help prevent them from damage, you need to do the same for your skin. Your skin needs to be prepped before exercise, firstly making sure it is clean. Then the targeted treatments, these give your skin the nourishment it needs to help strengthen itself against the negative environments of gymnasiums, dirty surfaces and environmental stressors. Next is to hydrate the skin and then finally we need to protect the skin from the natural elements.

Why Post-wrkout?

Similar to how we stretch our muscles after exercising to protect them from injury and enhance our gains. It is equally important to protect our skin from the potential stresses of our workouts and nurture our skin for optimal results. By providing our skin with the necessary nutrients, our skincare products aid in boosting, repairing, replenishing and targeting its specific needs. This proactive approach helps prevent damages and enables us to achieve maximum benefits for our skin.